Update on access to Italian-language titles on Casalini’s Torrossa ebooks platform

torrossa - Casalini full-text platfor,Cambridge University Library is pleased to announce that following the trial access to 113 Italian-language titles on Casalini Libri’s Torrossa ebooks platform, we have now taken the decision to purchase these. The package consists of three current collections of scholarly titles: Language and Literature, Cinema and Theatre, and Cultural Studies. The ebooks are available from the platform link here and are searchable in the LibrarySearch catalogue.

Full-text access is available both on and off campus (using a Raven login). This includes the facility to download, print and copy and paste from the text. Torrossa ebooks can be read on PCs, Apple Macs, laptops, iOS and Android mobile devices, but not on Kindles, Kobos or Nooks.

Please do give us your feedback on these packages and the usability of these ebooks. Feel free to email me, Bettina Rex, the Italian Specialist, at the University Library at italian@lib.cam.ac.uk. Feedback will be helpful as we consider whether to purchase further collections in the future.

As the Torrossa system uses PDFs which feature a DRM system, you may have some trouble opening a book. In some versions of Firefox:

  • Once you enter the Options under the Tools menu window, you will find a tab labelled Applications.
  • After clicking on this tab, you will need to do the following:
  • in the Search textbox type: pdf
  • click on Portable document format (PDF)
  • in the same row, choose Use Adobe Acrobat (In Firefox)

For further information, please see Torrosa’s help documentation.

– Bettina Rex

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