European Drama and Performance Studies

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European Drama and Performance Studies

The Library has recently taken out a subscription to a new peer-reviewed print journal, European drama and performance studies, devoted to the study of the history of the performing arts. Current issues are kept in pigeonhole 384, and back numbers at L415.c.418. Although the journal’s title suggests very general coverage, the first two issues have concentrated exclusively on French drama. However, it is intended that the coverage will eventually include all periods and areas, and interdisciplinary and comparative subjects will feature prominently.

The first issue, entitled Le développement du “grand spectacle” en France: politiques, gestion, innovations (1715-1864), was published by Classiques Garnier in 2013 and all the contributions are in French. The volume for 2014, L’éloquence du silence: dramaturgie du non-dit sur la scène théâtrale des XVIIe et XVIIIe siècles, has six articles in French and seven in English. A contribution by Dr Mark Darlow, of Cambridge’s French Department, is anticipated in a forthcoming issue.

The general editor of the journal is Dr Sabine Chaouche, of Oxford Brookes University. Dr Chaouche’s recent publication, La mise en scène du répertoire à la Comédie-Française (1680-1815), was added to the Library’s holdings last year (735:07.c.22.166-167). This is a very substantial study of 961 pages, of which nearly one hundred are occupied by a comprehensive bibliography of both manuscripts and printed books.

David Lowe

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