Art Nexus

Cambridge University Library is happy to announce its recent subscription to the Colombian magazine Art Nexus.

Recent issue of Art Nexus

Recent issue of Art Nexus (no. 93, June 2014)

Art Nexus was originally published in 1976 as Arte en Colombia. In 1992 it changed its name to Art Nexus in order to raise awareness of Colombian and Latin American art worldwide. The magazine, published quarterly in English and Spanish, is a leading publication on Latin American and Caribbean art, with an emphasis on Colombia. Along with the portal, the journal has helped to draw attention to Latin American art and its impact on the global art scene.

It is enormously varied in the range of art forms it covers (from ancient Mesoamerica and the colonial period to the present) and features articles by renowned art historians, critics, museum curators and scholars, as well as news on awards, events, publications, artists, and art galleries.

Vol. 91, Dec 2013 issue

Nol. 91, Dec 2013 issue


Art Nexus can be consulted at L400.b.1436 [p/hole 2514]. It is available in print from issue 91 onwards (Dec. 2013/Feb. 2014). For latest issues, please enquire at the Library’s Periodicals desk.

Sonia Morcillo-García

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