French prizewinners 2014

The Library actively collects major French literary prizewinners. See previous lists of literary prizewinners: 2009-2010, 2011, 2012, 2013. We use them to guide our acquisitions policy for modern literature (we have previously discussed this policy in a historical context).

Here are the titles and the classmarks of a selection of French prizewinners from 2014:

  • A selection of prize-winning titles

    A selection of prize-winning titles

    Prix Goncourt
    Pas pleurer : roman / Lydie Salvayre.

  • Prix Interallié    
    Karpathia : roman / Mathias Menegoz.
  • Grand Prix du Roman de L’Académie Française    
    Constellation : roman / Adrien Bosc.
  • Prix Médicis
    Terminus radieux : roman / Antoine Volodine.
  • Prix Femina   
    Bain de lune : roman / Yanick Lahens.
  • Prix Renaudot
    Charlotte : roman / David Foenkinos.
  • Prix Décembre   
    Sigmund Freud en son temps et dans le nôtre / Élisabeth Roudinesco.
    Currently in preparation. Please contact us for further information.

Josh Hutchinson

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