Trial access to ‘Krokodil’, ‘Russkaia literatura’, and the Dostoevsky Research Series

Three new East View e-resources have been made available on trial, including the backfiles of the satirical magazine Krokodil and the literary journal Russkaia literatura.  In addition, we are also trying out a Russian e-book set, with trial access to the Dostoevskii : materialy i issledovaniia.  Feedback is keenly sought by Friday 1 May, to


Krokodil front covers – screenshot from the East View database.


The entire 1922-2008 run of the illustrated satirical magazine Krokodil  (briefly renamed Novyi krokodil in the 2000s) has been made electronically available by East View.  What Krokodil loses through a lack of the text searchability of other EV resources, it gains in the retention of the rich colour used on its pages.  The illustration of this page is a screen shot showing the front covers of many of the early issues of Krokodil.  An essay by John Etty of the University of Leeds on the importance of the magazine is reprinted in the Cambridge e-resources blogpost announcing the start of the trial.

The University Library’s run of Krokodil in hard copy covers only 1980-2000 (earlier copies are only scantily represented), but we hold a longer run (1928-1974) on microfilm.

Russkaia literatura

The Russian Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Russian Literature has published their quarterly journal, Russkaia literatura, since 1958.  All issues of the journal are now available electronically, on the standard East View platform, as searchable pdfs.  The University Library’s run of Russkaia literatura in hard copy (at  P756.b.34) is complete in the run so far and is also a live subscription.  Should readers, then, be keen on purchasing electronic access, we would most likely need to cancel our print subscription in favour of the electronic, rather than continue to pay for both forms.

The Dostoevsky Research Series

Also an Institute of Russian Literature publication, the Dostoevskii : materialy i issledovaniia set consists of 20 volumes published so far to complement the complete works of Dostoevsky.  The University Library has not previously dipped a toe into the Russian-language e-book waters, so this trial involves more than simply a judgement about the title in question.  We would also welcome readers’ views about Russian e-books, as provided on a controlled platform such as East View’s.  Should the Library’s Slavonic section start to buy such e-books in preference to paper copies?

The Library’s set of Dostoevskii : materialy i issledovaniia (at 756:01.c.18.1-) is unfortunately slightly patchy.  At the time of writing, we lack volumes 10, 14, and 16+, but these gaps will hopefully be closed soon.

Each title above is linked to its own url, but all can also be found in the main East View site.  Access off site is available to Raven users.

All three e-resources are on trial until 15 May, but feedback would be gratefully received by 1 May to

Mel Bach

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