The Liberation Collection – some images

The Liberation Collection continues to grow, and new books are being added to the catalogue all the time. The collection contains many items that are important studied in isolation, and many groupings of books which gain in significance when taken together. In addition, the collection contains a large number of books that contain particularly striking or beautiful illustrations. This post will be the first of a series that will highlight individual titles as they come to our attention.

Ceux du tac

Ceux du tac (Liberation.c.68)

Particularly striking because of the subject matter and its simplicity of design, this image from Ceux du Tac : Stadt des KdF Wagens 43-45 / Jean-Charles ; illustrations de Jean Callerot (Liberation.c.68) is a good example of a book with simple black and white drawings that starkly illustrate this memoir of a French man forced to work in Wolfsburg, Lower Saxony (the subject is ably described on the cover with the phrase “La vie des Français en Allemagne”).

Hommage de Paris

Hommage de Paris (Liberation.c.78)

Hommage de Paris à ses libérateurs : grand gala organisé par Libération au profit des familles des F.F.I. tombés au cours de la semaine glorieuse : le 11 novembre 1944, Théâtre national du Palais de Chaillot (Liberation.c.78) is a highly illustrated book produced on the occasion of a gala, containing a variety of illustrations: pen and ink drawings of the fighting to liberate Paris; stylised colour portraits; and photographs of the aftermath of the liberation. In addition, this book, like several others in the collection, was produced thanks to the financial assistance of a variety of local businesses—and their advertisements (often illustrated) provide another point of interest.

La libération de Paris

La libération de Paris (Liberation.c.89)

La libération de Paris

La libération de Paris (Liberation.c.89)

La libération de Paris / par Édith Thomas (Liberation.c.89), much like the Hommage de Paris, contains photographs from the fighting to liberate Paris. In addition, it contains remarkably detailed maps and plans of the locations of battles and barricades throughout the city, with a few maps focusing on particular areas such as the Jardin du Luxembourg.

Finally, a note: When we have previously talked about books in the Liberation Collection, we have referred to their locations in the format In process.[number]. We are now updating these records to assign a final definitive classmark, beginning with the word Liberation. We will be updating earlier posts with the new classmarks as they are assigned.

Josh Hutchinson

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