Italian literary prizewinners for 2015

We try, each year, to draw your attention to the literary prizewinners of various European countries. We have written in the past of the five major Italian prizes and in July last year we posted the results of the 2015 Strega prize after Nicola Lagioia had won with his novel La ferocia (C208.c.9478).

The Strega is undoubtedly the most prestigious of the Italian literary prizes, but there are 4 others we have highlighted in recent years and below are the winners for 2015:

The Bagutta prize: awarded this year to Sandro Veronesi for his novel Terre rare (C203.d.8837)

The Bancarella prize: awarded this year to Sara Rattaro for her novel Niente è come te (C210.c.6296)



The Campiello prize: awarded this year to Marco Balzano for his novel L’ultimo arrivato (C204.d.3110)

The Viareggio-Repaci prize:
“Narrativa” awarded this year to Antonio Scurati for his novel Il tempo migliore della nostra vita (C204.d.1179)

“Poesia” awarded this year to Franco Buffoni for his collection of poems entitled Jucci (C204.d.3349)

“Saggistica” awarded this year to Massimo Bucciantini for his work Campo dei Fiori : storia di un monumento maledetto (C210.c.476)

We look forward to seeing who will be successful in 2016.

Bettina Rex

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