Patron Driven Acquisition scheme for Italian ebooks: an update

We have been expanding our provision of Italian language ebooks in collaboration with our Italian suppliers. A couple of years ago we set up a facility whereby readers can recommend such titles for purchase, and as new ebook titles appear, we have been adding them to our database. There are now approximately 16,500 titles searchable in iDiscover. The scheme works in the following way:

Records for the entire Italian-language ebook content hosted on Casalini’s Torrossa platform are searchable in iDiscover. Each title is recognizable by a combination of two factors:

1) If you see an Italian-language book title displaying with a green Online access link below then this is an indication that the title is an ebook. Please see the example below where the 2nd title is an ebook (click on image to see enlarged version)

2) The next step is to click on the book title and NOT on the green Online access link. This is because you need to see the text under the “View Online” section of the full record in order to ascertain whether this ebook is part of the Casalini scheme.

If the text shows with the message “To suggest this title for purchase please follow the online link and click on the lightbulb icon” then this title is part of the Casalini scheme and you can follow these instructions to recommend this title for purchase. An example of a title which is part of the scheme is displayed below:

By clicking on the suggest a purchase link you will be taken to the details of the title on the Torrossa ebook platform, where you will be able to view brief bibliographic details of the title and see the table of contents as highlighted in the following example..

To recommend this title for purchase, please click on the lightbulb icon near the top right hand side of the screen, this will open up a blank form where you are able to write your reasons for recommending the ebook and leave your contact details, preferably name, email address and barcode. It’s very important you leave your name and email address as otherwise your request is anonymous and you cannot be responded to. An example of the form is displayed below.

Once completed, click on ‘Send’ to email this form to the University Library’s Italian Specialist for consideration. If approved for purchase the ebook will be available within 5 working days of your request. You will be contacted by the Italian specialist to confirm a purchase has been made or if further details are required.

Once an ebook is purchased, access to it is available both on and off campus (with a Raven login), for unlimited concurrent users. Entire titles can be downloaded for 14 days at a time, after which time they will disappear from your device. You are free to download entire titles as many times as you require, and you may print and save sections within permitted copyright limits.

An owned ebook title on the Torrossa platform displays a green PDF icon, alongside View and Downloads buttons at the top of the screen.

Once a title is purchased the “View Online” linking text in the full record on iDiscover will read “Casalini Libri Torrossa Fulltext Resource; click to view”.

Do please contact us with any comments or queries.

Bettina Rex

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