Mid-century Ukrainian book covers : the June 2018 Slavonic item(s) of the month

In the past few years, the University Library has been very fortunate in receiving the private libraries of two late British Ukrainians – Peter Yakimiuk and Teodor Kolassa.  Together, these donations have added hundreds of chiefly diaspora publications to the Library’s 20th-century Ukrainian collection.  This blog post celebrates a few of the many eye-catching book covers to be found amongst them.  All but the last of the six items detailed here were produced in Europe within a few years of the end of World War 2.  Please click on each image to see a larger version.

Left to right, above:

  • Золотий бумеранґ : збірка поезій : рештки загубленого, конфіскованого та знищеного, 1926-1946 / Іван Багряний (The gold boomerang : collection of poetry : remains of the lost, confiscated and destroyed, 1926-1946 / Ivan Bahrianyi) CCD.62.90
    • [probably Neu-Ulm] : Prometei, 1946
    • The book’s back cover notes that the publication was permitted by the UNRRA, the relief agency which ran post-war Displaced Persons’ camps
  • Де сила–там воля вітає : огляд діяльности Українського спортового товариства “Чорногора” в Авґсбурзі за роки 1945-1948 (Where there’s a will, there’s a way : a review of the activities of the Ukrainian sports association “Chornohora” in Augsburg for the years 1945-1948) CCC.62.119
    • Augsburg : Chornohora, 1948
    • As with the title above, this publication was also printed with permission, this time authorised by “EUCOM Hq. Civil Affairs Division 14.7.1947”
  • Білий світ : поезії / Василь Барка (White world : poems / Vasyl’ Barka)  CCC.62.123
    • Munich : Ukrainsʹka trybuna, 1947
    • Also a publication authorised by EUCOM

Left to right, above:

  • Карикатури з літератури : фотографії з творчої парафії / Теок (Caricatures from literature : photographs from the creative parish / Teok)  CCC.62.114
    • Munich : Skoromokh, 1947
    • Teok was one of many pseudonyms of Teodor Kurpita, who produced many humorous books as this one
  • Генерал : комедія-сатира / Іван Багряний (The general : a comedy-satire / Ivan Bahrianyi) CCC.62.122
    • [probably Germany] : Ukraina, 1948
    • Another humorous publication, this was published under the auspices of MUR (Мистецький український рух (Artistic Ukrainian Movement)), a cultural organisation set up by displaced Ukrainian writers in 1945; Bahrianyi was a major figure within MUR
  • Шістдесят поетів шістдесятих років : антологія нової української поезії (60 poets of the 1960s : an anthology of new Ukrainian poetry) CCD.62.91
    • New York : Proloh, 1967
    • An example of later publications, this is one of several produced by Proloh (a publisher which also had its roots in post-war Europe) in the collections

Both collections, and particularly the Yakimiuk one, contained fragile and slight paperbacks which are still being gradually put in more supportive material and then being catalogued.  Searches in the catalogue for “Peter Yakimiuk” or “Teodor Kolassa” will show the many hundreds of books already in the system to which these others will be joined.

Mel Bach

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