New electronic resources with a European connection

The ejournals@cambridge blog publicises trial access to and purchase of various databases and ejournals, and it is certainly a blog worth following.  Several purchases over the last few months complement our European collections, so this post gives an overview.  The subjects of these new resources span philology, politics, art history, theology, migration studies, history, and bibliography, and their contents are in English and various European languages.

Composite of samples of ephemera from the Euromaidan Protests database

Newly available databases

  • Euromaidan Protests in Ukraine, 2013-2014 database
    • The database “[represents] the most comprehensive collection of ephemera and primary source material from the Euromaidan protests that rocked Kiev beginning on November 21, 2013. The collection contains over 500 pages of unique print materials collected … at Kiev’s Maidan Nezalezhnosti, the epicenter of the protests.” (from East View, the publisher)
    • This purchase of the Euromaidan Protests database provides a crucial counterbalance to another East View resource recently acquired, the Donetsk and Luhansk Newspaper Collection, which contains newspaper issues from 2013-2015 produced in these regions.  While neither database is particularly large, they provide much-needed access to material that might otherwise be lost.  Both purchases were made possible thanks to the generous support of the Catherine Cooke Fund
    • Both databases also complement the University Library’s growing collection of printed books in Ukrainian, Russian, and English about the Euromaidan protests, the ongoing conflict in East Ukraine, and the annexation of Crimea.
  • Gregorii Nysseni Opera and the Lexicon Gregorianum (via Gregory of Nyssa Online)
    • Gregorii Nysseni Opera Online is the ultimate online critical text edition of Gregory of Nyssa’s works based on all available known manuscripts, introduced with a complete discussion of the textual transmission and accompanied by extensive annotations on the biblical, classical and patristic sources, and indices.” (from the publisher)
    • Lexicon Gregorianum Online is the most comprehensive Greek-German dictionary of the language used by Gregory of Nyssa. It is the only dictionary available specifically addressing the vocabulary of late Classical Greek. It documents Gregory’s complete vocabulary, taking account of the syntax, meaning and connotations of every occurrence of a key word in his writings. The complete Lexicon Online comprises 10 volumes, totaling more than 13,000 entries.” (from the publisher)
  • The University Library Accessions Committee recently also approved the purchase of access to the BIZ Biblioteca Italiana Zanichelli database.  Details of access will appear on this blog once they have been confirmed.

Screenshots from recent IKON articles

Newly available ejournals

Mel Bach

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