Québécois literature and the first London edition of “Festival America”

The French collections at Cambridge University Library aim to capture a broad range of Francophone literature. Though quite a few Francophone writers have contracts with French publishing houses, we also buy publications from North Africa, the Caribbean, and Québec (readers’ recommendations for Cambridge University library, especially for Francophone material, are always welcome).

Next week (24-27 September 2018), a number of Francophone and Anglophone Québec prize winning writers are coming to London as part of the “Festival America”. Among the guest writers of the festival, Dany Lafferière, a Haitian-Canadian writer, is going to talk at the Institut Français about his novel L’énigme du retour (2009, C201.d.9824) –The Enigma of the Return (C207.c.2648). Andrée A. Michaud, author of the romans noirs Le ravissement (2001, C203.d.2666) and Bondrée (2013, C212.c.3313) –translated as Boundary: the Last Summer (2017)–, is speaking at the Commonwealth Marlborough house. Meanwhile, Christian Guay-Poliquin, author of the novels Le fil des kilomètres (2013, C205.d.7047) and Le Poids de la neige (2016), will be a guest at the Québec Government Office, and Eric Plamondon, author of the 1984 trilogy (2011-2013, C205.d.7205-7207) and of Taqawan –Mi’gmaq name for the salmon going upstream– (2017), at Canada House. We are in the process of acquiring their works.

This is the first time the UK is hosting this event: it takes place in parallel with the “Festival America” started in Vincennes, in France, in 2002, which has taken place every two years since then. The collaboration between UK, French and Canadian cultural institutions for the London event makes “Festival America” a great platform to showcase the dynamism of (Francophone) Québecois literature for a UK audience.

Irène Fabry-Tehranchifestival america

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