New Europresse subscription: online access to French newspapers and magazines

After receiving very positive trial feedback and approval of the Library Accessions Committee, Cambridge University is now subscribing to the academic version of Europresse, an aggregator which allows online access to many French and Francophone national and regional newspapers and magazines including Le Monde (from 1944), Le Figaro, Libération, L’Humanité, Les Echos, La Tribune ; Le Soir, Le Temps ; Le Parisien, Ouest-France, La Provence ; L’Express, Le Point, Marianne, L’Obs, Le Monde diplomatique etc.

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Europresse also offers access to English language titles from the UK (The Guardian, The Independent, The Economist, Financial Times…) and the US (The New York Times, The Washington Post…) as well as others from Europe (Die Tageszeitung…), Africa (Africa Energy Intelligence, All Africa, Liberté –Algeria…), the Middle East (Al Jazeera, Khaleej Times, Jerusalem Post…), Asia (South China Morning Post, China Daily, Kabul Press…) and Oceania (The Australian…).

Thematically, Europresse titles cover the Humanities and Social Sciences, Politics, Law, Economics, Finance, Science, Environment, IT, Transports, Industry, Energy, Agriculture, Arts and culture (Lire, Le Magazine littéraire, World Literature Today, Télérama, Rock and Folk…), Health, and event Sports (L’Équipe, France Football, Sport 24…). It also includes some TV and radio transcripts, biographies and reports, images, audio and video content.

Access to Europresse for members of the University of Cambridge is available at the following link, which also features on the A-Z Databases: Francophone Area Studies guide.

Users can select online the language of the Europresse interface in English or French but if you use the general “Search” option, you need to write keywords in the language of the resource you want to use.

With the “Advanced Search”, you can select  a specific newspaper or magazine in “Sources”, then “source name”. If you tick “group of sources”, you can restrict the scope of your search to for example “France – National press” or “French sources”, “UK sources” etc.

If you just want to browse a particular title, you can do that through the “Pdf section” tab on the top left. You can decide which issue(s) you want to examine (“Most recent edition”, “Specific date”, “Date range”) and select for example “Le Monde” (alphabetically at “Monde”). You can then see images of each page of the newspaper and flick from one to the other. You can also use the “Pages” tab on the top left and select which page you want to look at. It allows you to go directly to the “Le Monde des Livres” section in the Friday issues of Le Monde (“Page liv1” etc.). The best option is then to download each image to read at your leisure and free up the connection for other users.


If you are interested in the archives of a particular title, you can check the date of the earliest issue available by going into “Recherche avancée” and selecting in “nom de source” the relevant title. When you click on the “i” symbol next to the title, a new window opens. You can find the date for the “Début des archives” by scrolling down.

Ps: installing the Lean Library browser extension enables a seamless access to online resources accessible through a University of Cambridge subscription (not having to double search on iDiscover nor to re-login to Raven).

***Please remember to log off when you are done, so that other users can have access to the resource, as we are only allowed 2 simultaneous connections! In order to do that, click on the arrow near “Student” at the top right of the web page, and then “Log off”. If you just close your browser, it takes 10 minutes for your session to log off. ***

French language Europresse tutorials are accessible online:


Irène Fabry-Tehranchi

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