Andrea Camilleri

By Marco Tambara via Wikimedia Commons

We were saddened to hear of the death of Andrea Camilleri, aged 93, one of Italy’s best-loved authors. For so many readers he had brought Sicily to life, capturing the difficult social problems of the island with affection and humour.

In 2014 we posted on this blog a piece to celebrate his Montalbano series. Since then we have continued to acquire further works in the series, the most recent being:

La piramide di fango  (C203.d.7863)

La giostra degli scambi (C204.d.1137)

L’altro capo del filo (C204.d.6971)

La rete di protezione (C205.d.1229)

Il metodo Catalanotti (C205.d.6384)

Il cuoco dell’Alcyon (C206.d.750)

His final book in the series, Riccardino, written in 2006, is with his publisher, under strict instructions to be published at a later date.

He also wrote non-fiction, and in 2017 published an autobiographical account, Esercizi di memoria (C213.c.5396), followed in 2019 by Ora dimmi di te : lettera a Matilda (C205.d.7926).

He will be sadly missed.

Bettina Rex

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