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Classiques Garnier is a major French academic publisher in the field of literature, history and social sciences. We are delighted that in the current confinement circumstances, the publisher has set up for Cambridge University Library temporary online access to all its ebooks in the collections (series) that we have previously purchased any titles from. Any member of the University with access to Raven can either use this EZproxy link or use the portal A-Z Databases: Francophone Area Studies: C, selecting Classiques Garnier Numerique.  Following either route, clicking “Accès aux bases en ligne” and “Livres et revues numériques” provides a “UK Cambridge” connexion enabling access to the Classiques Garnier ebooks (in html or pdf).

001Their latest publications include primary sources, such as Onésime Somain de Claireville, Le Gascon extravagant, Histoire comique, 2020, in the series “Lire le xviie siècle”, or the online version of Victor Hugo, Les Contemplations, edited by Léon Cellier, first published in 1985 in the famous “Classiques Jaunes” collection. They also feature critical works such as Ludwig Crespin, Rêve et conscience : quel apport des sciences du rêve à la philosophie de la conscience?, 2020, in the series “Philosophies contemporaines” ; La Réception de René Char hors de France, directed by Danièle Leclair, 2020, in the series “Carrefour des lettres modernes”, and Archéologie(s) de la traduction, directed by Geneviève Henrot Sostero, 2020, in the series “Translatio”.

5Sans titreaIn print, Classiques Garnier publications are visually branded by the use of bright yellow (paperbacks) or red (hardbacks) book covers. Historically, Cambridge University Library has had standing orders for series published by Classiques Garnier such as Essais philosophiques sur Montaigne & son temps; Études montaignistes, or Textes de la Renaissance. Recently, we placed new standing orders for a further number of Classiques Garnier series, including Bibliothèque de littérature du XXe siècle ; Bibliothèque des sciences sociales ; Bibliothèque d’histoire de la Renaissance ; Bibliothèque d’histoire médiévale ; Bibliothèque du théâtre français ; Bibliothèque du XIXe siècle ; Écrivains francophones d’aujourd’hui ; Études de littérature des XXe et XXIe siècles ; Études et textes occitans ; Études romantiques et dix-neuviémistes ; Études sur le théâtre et les arts de la scène ; Histoire culturelle ; Histoire des techniques ; Histoire des Temps modernes ; Histoire et évolution du français ; L’Europe des Lumières ; Lire le dix-huitième siècle ; Lire le XVIIe siècle ; Littérature, histoire, politique ; Masculin/féminin dans l’Europe moderne ; Perspectives comparatistes ; Philosophies contemporaines ; Recherches littéraires médiévales ; Savoirs anciens et médiévaux ; Textes littéraires du Moyen Âge etc. All of the books in these series have now been made available electronically to University members thanks to Classique Garnier. exceptional circumstances we are in have seen a wide range of positive and generous responses from publishers and platforms to open up ebooks and other online resources to Cambridge.  A list of these can be accessed from this page.

Irène Fabry-Tehranchi

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