Dutch titles on race and decolonisation

Last week’s blog post Black Lives Matter : some ebooks looked at a selection of anti-racism English-language titles.  Today’s post will be the first of a series looking at titles in other languages, with a focus today on Dutch material.

The Netherlands and Belgium share with the UK a history of colonisation and slavery and are addressing uncomfortable issues of ongoing racism.  Dutch ebooks available to Cambridge staff and students are very few, so the suggestions below include translations into English and books published in English by Dutch-language authors.

Our readers might also be interested in these freely available online resources: 

  • https://www.withuiswerk.nl/ resources for white people who want be better informed to engage in the fight against racism 
  • https://www.nederlandwordtbeter.nl/ with English translation throughout. Particular focus on the racism around the Zwarte Piet character who accompanies St. Nicholas.
  • https://www.ninsee.nl/ The National Institute for Dutch Slavery Past and Legacy; its first director was Glenn Willemsen, the co-author of The Dutch Atlantic (above).

Katharine Dicks

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