Some ebooks relating to colonialism and Black experience in Germany 

Following on from last week’s post on Dutch material, this post will present some material on Germany’s colonial history and race relations.

While Germany’s colonial period was relatively brief the legacy was nevertheless devastating. Reassessment of Germany’ colonial history has been a focus of research in Germany during the last 20 years. 

As currently only relatively few German titles are available as ebooks to students and staff in Cambridge, English titles containing contributions from German scholars and translations of German titles are included in this list.

The following 2 contributed volumes provide an overview of the history of Black experience in Germany: 


Research and debates: 

German colonialism:


A particular topic of debate is how to deal with colonial artefacts in museums, especially in ethnographic museums. This has recently been become a pertinent discussion in relationship to planned opening of the Humboldt-Forum in Berlin. The following 2 titles discuss various aspects of postcolonial museum work in a German context: 


Christian Staufenbiel

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