100,000s of new ebooks : EBSCO and ProQuest

Cambridge staff and students now have full access to hundreds of thousands of academic ebooks through new annual subscriptions to EBSCO’s eBook Academic Collection and ProQuest’s Academic Complete.  This brief post provides some sample titles with a focus on the city of Beirut, following the tragic news of last week.  All links go to the relevant iDiscover record (iDiscover holds catalogue records for all ProQuest and EBSCO ebooks).  For further books about Beirut, an advanced search on iDiscover for Beirut Lebanon as the subject will provide the right start, and readers can then narrow results by online access and/or other parameters as desired.

A few ProQuest/EBSCO titles about Beirut:

Such huge ebook packages inevitably bring with them a large amount of overlap – whether between these two specifically or between one/both and other ebook subcriptions or purchases (such as A taste for home : the modern middle class in Ottoman Beirut / Toufoul Abou-Hodeib (Stanford University Press, 2017), which was previously bought as a 1-user model but is now available through EBSCO on an unlimited basis).  Another example, Aspect, tense and action in the Arabic dialect of Beirut by Stefan Bruweleit (Brill, 2015), is available through ProQuest, EBSCO, and Brill.  Such occurrences have to be accepted as part of the way these things work.  Our readers will be used to this with journals, where the same journal (albeit possibly different spans of years) might be available through various platforms.

While the vast majority of titles in EBSCO and ProQuest are in English, there are some foreign-language books too.  A future post will focus on these.

Mel Bach

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