Some resources on racism and anti-racism in Eastern Europe

The latest in our series of racism/anti-racism posts relates to Eastern Europe.  This is just the beginning of a collection of resources on the topic, and future posts will include material to broaden our coverage to include more areas, countries and topics: this list covers mostly Ukraine, Russia and part of the Balkans.

Print collections and institutional ebooks

The following print and ebook resources (available to Raven account holders) give an introduction to the topics of racism and coloniality in Eastern Europe.

Open access articles

These two sources discuss the notion of coloniality in relation to postsocialism and Eastern Europe.

The following sources provide a starting point towards the discussion of racism and decolonization in Ukraine and Russia.

We would be grateful for suggestions from our readers of further resources to include in future blog posts.  Please do send suggestions to

Olenka Dmytryk

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