A paid internship to help decolonise library practice within the University

Just a few days before the March lockdown, the Decolonising through Critical Librarianship group, which includes two librarians from the Collections and Academic Liaison department that curates this blog, applied for a University Diversity Fund grant to upgrade our online platform

This application was successful but, as this blog post on Black Lives Matter e-resources mentioned back in June, the circumstances caused by the pandemic prevented the project from moving forward as quickly as we had originally planned. 

It is with great pleasure that we can finally announce that a paid internship funded by this grant has now been advertised and we are hoping to receive many applications. This internship offers a unique opportunity to make a significant impact on the work to decolonise library practice within the University, as well as providing excellent development possibilities for the successful candidate. 

The internship has been widely advertised through many diverse national networks and we particularly welcome candidates from BAME backgrounds, as they are currently under-represented at this level in our institution. 

Please, help us share this exciting role!

Clara Panozzo and Christopher Greenberg

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