Ebooks bought to support teaching and learning in 20/21 : Biological Sciences, with more to come

Some Zoology purchases

Over the course of 20/21, the ebooks@cambridge team – with support from others in our department and staff in faculty and departmental libraries – bought thousands of individual ebooks to support teaching across the University, and also arranged access to large numbers of ebooks and etextbooks through tailored and generic package subscriptions.  Our colleague Suz, the ebooks assistant, has written a series of blog posts for the ebooks@cambridge blog which go into more detail about these purchases and subscriptions, focusing in each post on a specific school in the University.

The first post went up today and looks at examples of material requested by the School of Biological Sciences: https://ebookscambridge.wordpress.com/2021/09/03/ebooks-in-2020-21-biological-sciences/

The other school-specific posts will follow over the next few weeks!  To catch them, follow the ebooks blog.  You can find that option on the right-hand side of the main page, if you scroll down below the Twitter updates and tags section: https://ebookscambridge.wordpress.com/

Mel Bach

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