Italian literary prizewinners 2021

It is autumn and time to take stock of the major literary prizes awarded in Italy this past year.

The Strega prize for 2021 was awarded to Emanuele Trevi for his novel Due vite (held in the UL, C206.d.4499).

The Bancarella prize was awarded to Ema Stokholma for her autobiographical novel Per il mio bene (held in the UL, C206.d.7547).

The Campiello prize was awarded to Giulio Caminito for his novel L’acqua del lago non è mai dolce (held in the UL, C206.d.7514).

The Viareggio Repaci prizes were awarded as follows:

  • Narrativa: Il pane perduto by Edith Bruck (held in the UL, C217.c.5690)
  • Poesia: Quanti by Flavio Santi (currently on order)
  • Saggistica : Contro l’impegno by Walter Siti (held in the UL, C206.d.7625)

Throughout the pandemic we have continued to add to our collection of Italian contemporary literature. We have purchased many notable works, and made them available to readers as quickly as possible.

On the subject of contemporary fiction, let me conclude a story started in a previous blogpost on Andrea Camilleri where I spoke about Riccardino, the final instalment of the Montalbano saga. Written in 2006, this had been entrusted to his publisher, Sellerio, with the strict instructions that it should be locked away, to be published only after his death. It duly appeared in Italian in 2020. Just recently I noticed that the English version, translated by Stephen Sartarelli, has now been published by Mantle. The translator considered this novel a fitting finale to the Montalbano story, remarkable in particular for the way in which the author periodically intrudes into his own narrative. We hold both the Italian and the English editions in the UL – the Italian (at C206.d.4496) presents not only the original 2005 text but also a 2016 recension prepared by the author himself to render its language more up to date. The English edition is available in the UL in electronic format and can be read on designated PCs in the UL and in most Faculty and Departmental libraries.

Bettina Rex

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