Italian literary prizewinners 2022

As the year 2022 draws to a close we take a look at the Italian literary prizes awarded during the course of the year.

Strega prize 2022:

This was awarded to Mario Desiati for his novel Spatriati. This psychological novel, or coming-of-age story, can be found in the UL at C217.c.3730.

Bagutta prize 2022:

The Bagutta prize is not restricted to any particular literary genre. This year it was awarded to Benedetta Craveri for her work La contessa, a biography of Virginia Verasis di Castiglione, a cousin of Count Camillo di Cavour.

She was a prominent and fascinating figure in 19th century Europe, travelling to Paris after her marriage to the Count of Castiglione. Active in courtly circles, she promoted the cause of Italian unity with Napoleon III, and subsequently created scandal by becoming his mistress. As well as being of much interest on the international stage, she also led a fascinating life in the arts. She was passionate about photography, became a photographic model and collaborated with famous photographers of the day on grand photographic projects. She and Pierre-Louis Pierson, put together 700 photographs that recreated moments of her life in images – with her often posing in elaborate theatrical outfits. Robert de Montesquiou, a symbolist poet of the age, collected many of these photographs, and these are now held by the Metropolitan Museum of Art (La Divine Comtesse : photographs of the Countess de Castiglione, can be consulted at 2000.11.3997). The UL copy of La contessa stands at C218.c.2820.

Bancarella prize 2022:

This was awarded to Stefania Auci for her novel L’inverno dei leoni. This is the second novel in a saga about the Sicilian Florio family. Spanning several generations, these historical novels tell the story of a real family. L’inverno dei leoni stands at C218.c.8760, with the earlier novel I leoni di Sicilia at C219.c.195. We also hold the English translation of this first novel in the saga, The Florios of Sicily, in the Library Storage Facility.

Campiello prize 2022:  

This was awarded to Bernardo Zannoni for his novel I miei stupidi intenti. This ambitious novel, written by a 25 year-old, can be found in the UL at C207.d.1439.

Viareggio Repaci prizes 2022:

As is customary, there are three main categories:

Narrativa – This was awarded to Veronica Raimo for her novel Niente di vero. This powerful yet humorous mixture of personal memoir and novel, stands at C218.c.7778.

Poesia – This was awarded to Claudio Damiani for his collection of poems Prima di nascere. This is a new collection of poems from a significant contemporary Italian poet. The UL copy stands at C219.c.1019.

Saggistica – This was awarded to James Hillman and Silvia Ronchey for L’ultima immagine. This dialogue between the American psychologist, Hillman, and the author, Ronchey, was published after Hillman’s death. It contains some of his thoughts on philosophy and psychology inspired by the images of the mosaics of Ravenna.  The UL copy stands at C219.c.1020.

Bettina Rex

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