Polish books about Ukraine

This year, we have bought quite a number of books in Polish about Ukraine, chiefly written before Russia’s all-out invasion in February this year, but providing useful additions to our international holdings about Ukraine and its neighbours during Russian political interference and armed conflict from 2013/14 onwards.  This blog post lists some of the books we have bought, placed under rough headings.

A book that did come out this year is about the Ukrainian president, a controversial winner for many at the 2019 elections, but an undisputedly inspirational leader for the nation in this terrible year.  Ja tu zostaję : fenomen Wołodymyra Zełenskiego (“I am staying here”, recalling his response to offers of safe haven by the West in February) is by journalist, former diplomat, translator, and writer Natalia Bryżko-Zapór.

Some of the titles in this post have not, at the time of writing, been fully catalogued yet.  Do get in touch (slavonic@lib.cam.ac.uk) if you are interested in any of the books that fall into this category.

Mel Bach

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