How to keep an eye on our latest book arrivals

The European Collections department at the University Library has been offering a service that allows readers to know which books have just been catalogued and are ready to go to the shelves for consultation and/or borrowing. This is by means of RSS feeds to which readers can subscribe and thus regularly receive information on our latest titles on their chosen PC, tablet or smartphone application.

By providing details of open and closed access items in all the languages we deal with, irrespective of subject area, the RSS feeds offer a simple way of monitoring additions to our collections.

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New acquisition: The Gili Collection of Spanish & Catalan books


Rusiñol: Oracions (Barcelona: 1897)

The University Library has recently acquired a collection of over 70 titles from the library of the late Jonathan Gili (1943-2004), a documentary film-maker, small-press publisher and collector of eclectic tastes, and his wife Phyllida. His father was Joan Gili, a publisher and a translator of Lorca who co-founded the most celebrated Spanish bookshop in Britain: Dolphin Books. Jonathan Gili was passionate about printed ephemera. He collected many first editions and rather unique examples of art deco style in print form. His poetic vision of the world is exemplified in this collection, mostly consisting of Catalan and Spanish material ranging in date from the 16th to the 20th centuries. There are also items in Portuguese and Mallorquín, with a smaller number of items in French, Latin or Provençal, all somehow connected with the Iberian peninsula. Continue reading