Living disability, collecting and researching it academically

Meggie Boyle is a 3rd year student of French in the Faculty of Modern and Medieval Literature and Linguistics. Earlier this year, she got in touch with us at Cambridge University Libraries with book recommendations for her Year Abroad Dissertation project. She suggested titles that we did not have, and we arranged digital alternate formats for books that were only available to buy in print format, via the Cambridge Libraries Accessibility Services. You can read here about her experience of disability which fueled her dissertation project.

“Disability has dominated my life, not only pervading every part of my physical body, but also seeping into the very core of my being, my mind: I see it in everything I do and everywhere I go.

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Ukraine in new electronic resources

A tranche of funding from the UKRI and other sources earlier this year has allowed Cambridge University Libraries to buy large amounts of electronic material that had been flagged for purchase but had not previously been feasible for us to buy.  This blog post looks at Ukraine in some of these resources (but you can also see a summary of all the resources available here:

Banner of issue one of the Kharkiv anarchist periodical Khlieb i volia

There are three obvious candidates to search for Ukraine and Ukrainian material in amongst these new purchases:

  • Russian Anarchist periodicals of the early 20th century (Brill)
  • Soviet Woman Digital Archive (1945-1991) (East View)
  • Soviet Cinema Online. Archival Documents from RGALI, 1923-1935 (Brill)

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New e-resource : British Archaeological Reports

Electronic Collection Management

Cambridge University members now have online access to the entire online archive of the British Archaeological Reports from BAR Publishing and via the Fulcrum platform.


Access is available now via this link.

Also available via the Cambridge E-Resources A-Z.

Title-level records for the BAR reports are discoverable in iDiscover. We are currently working with the publisher and Ex Libris, our supplier of MARC records, to improve the discoverability of the BAR reports by improving these records to include author names and subject headings.


Cambridge University members can now access the entire digital archive of over 3600 titles in the International and British series published from 1974-2021. Also available are all reports published in 2022.

The publishing of British Archaeological Reports was started by the archaeologists Anthony Hands, and his partner David Walker, in 1967 with the mission to make the then difficult and…

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A new exhibition of 1870-71 caricatures at Cambridge Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics library 

A few weeks ago, we opened a new exhibition in the Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics library, relating to a collection of 1870-71 caricatures held in the University Library. This project was highly collaborative, involving librarians, academic staff and students. It followed an exhibition held at the UL last year and started with translations of the text and legends of French caricatures into English.

Poster for the MMLL caricatures exhibition

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Stop-Zemlia and other Ukrainian films on Klassiki

As the University slows to a pause for the Easter weekend, I thought it might be nice to bring back to our readers’ attention the Klassiki database’s Ukrainian films, a “collection of classic and contemporary titles from Ukraine: from the avant-garde landmarks of Oleksandr Dovzhenko and Dziga Vertov, to the national revival of sixties “poetic cinema” and 21st-century visions of a brutal present – and a hopeful future.” (from their site) Continue reading