Droz online: trial access to the series Textes Littéraires Français, Humanisme et Renaissance, and Calvin

Librairie Droz is a Francophone academic publisher founded by Eugénie Droz in Geneva in 1924. It specialises in Medieval and Renaissance studies, literary criticism, art history, history of the book, and social sciences (in particular economic history). Cambridge University Library has a number of standing orders to its print collections, such as Bibliothèque des Lumières, Bibliothèque de l’École des Chartes, Diderot studies, Hautes études du monde gréco-romain, Hautes études médiévales et modernes, Hautes études orientales, Histoire des idées et critique littéraire, Publications romanes et françaises, Seuils de la modernité or Travaux du Grand Siècle. We are starting a one-month trial to its three series available as ebooks: Textes Littéraires Français; Humanisme et Renaissance; and the Calvin database.

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The geneticist in Russia : the March 2020 Slavonic item of the month

March has already finished?  This blog post is late??  It is not so easy to tell at the moment…  The subject of this post, the early geneticist William Bateson (1861-1926), might have considered my disorganisation a “trait”.  What must he have thought of the avant-garde when he visited Soviet Russia?

The avant-garde at work

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Classiques Garnier ebooks

Classiques Garnier is a major French academic publisher in the field of literature, history and social sciences. We are delighted that in the current confinement circumstances, the publisher has set up for Cambridge University Library temporary online access to all its ebooks in the collections (series) that we have previously purchased any titles from. Any member of the University with access to Raven can either use this EZproxy link or use the portal A-Z Databases: Francophone Area Studies: C, selecting Classiques Garnier Numerique.  Following either route, clicking “Accès aux bases en ligne” and “Livres et revues numériques” provides a “UK Cambridge” connexion enabling access to the Classiques Garnier ebooks (in html or pdf).

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DETAIL Inspiration : new e-resource


The University of Cambridge now has full access on and off campus to the DETAIL Inspiration database via this link:


DETAIL Inspiration

An online image and reference database for architects in the German and English language. The full-text database includes photos, drawings and technical information collected over the last 30 years. The database is optimised for mobile devices and includes a professional search function and filter option.

DETAIL contains over 3,500 architecture and construction projects and references available for download as pdf files. The database is updated monthly, with over 156 new projects and references added each year.

The King Abdulaziz Centre for World Culture, Dhahran, DETAIL Inspiration database

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