Collected works of Giordano Bruno

The University Library and ebooks@cambridge have recently purchased a full-text web-based Giordano Bruno collection, available on InteLex Past Masters.

Giordano Bruno, engraving by Johann Georg Mentzel (1677-1743) via Wikimedia Commons

Giordano Bruno, the Italian author and philosopher, was born in 1548 at Nola, near Naples, and baptised Filippo. He joined the Dominican friars of Naples in 1562, taking ‘Giordano’ (Jordan) as his religious name. His adventurous thinking brought him under suspicion of heresy in the increasingly authoritarian atmosphere of the Italian Counter-Reformation, and in 1576 he fled northwards, finding his way via Switzerland to France. He taught for a while in Paris, and in 1583 crossed the Channel to England where, among other things, he became acquainted with Sir Philip Sidney, and lectured on the Copernican theory at Oxford. Inevitably, his name has been associated with that of Shakespeare, but there is no solid evidence to connect them. Continue reading

Links to ebooks from iDiscover


A temporary issue with iDiscover is causing ebook links to display incorrectly. Until the issue is resolved, please access ebooks as follows:

From a search results list, click on the ebook title, rather than the green Online access link (if you do click this it will take you to the detailed record and not the ebook):


You will see that the View Online section of the detailed record is empty (this is where the link should appear if all is well):


To access the ebook, scroll down to the ‘Links’ section of the record, and choose the second link in the list (the wording of this will vary with supplier, but for all records we have seen so far it should always be the second link):


This is a temporary issue with the way that some of our ebooks are displayed and accessed and it will be resolved…

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Schlegel, Open Access and ISBNs galore

Front cover of 749:32.c.201.31

Front cover of 749:32.c.201.31

Ten years ago receiving material under legal deposit was a fairly clear-cut matter.  Where the publisher had a choice, the only vagary was whether we would receive a paperback or a hardback.  However, from April 2013 British publishers have had the choice of depositing print or electronic versions of their texts, so monitoring new titles is not so straightforward.  When I was asked recently whether we would receive a print copy of the latest publication by Professor Roger Paulin, Emeritus Schroeder Professor of German, The life of August Wilhelm Schlegel, I couldn’t give an immediate answer.

In fact the publisher of this title, Open Book Publishers, based here in Cambridge, promotes open access for full academic monographs in the humanities and social sciences, and therefore deposits electronically.  Continue reading

Ebooks in French

Textures : processus et événements dans la création poétique moderne et contemporaine

Textures : processus et événements dans la création poétique moderne et contemporaine

Two PhD students at Trinity College have just published a book which has arrived at the University Library. Jeff Barda and Daniel A. Finch-Race edited the volume Textures : processus et événements dans la création poétique moderne et contemporaine (736:47.c.201.102, and at the MML library at classmark F5A.G.10), which presents papers from the 17th French Graduate Research Seminar held at Trinity in May 2014. Published by Peter Lang, this is the 120th volume in the series ‘Modern French Identities’, of which the University Library holds 99.

This is patently an important book for us to have in the Library, both because of its subject and its Cambridge connections. It was not a difficult decision to purchase the book. However, it is increasingly becoming a difficult decision about how to purchase books. Continue reading