If walls could talk

As part of our well-established approval plan for French fine arts books we recently took delivery of a beautifully produced and prizewinning book on wallpaper: Murs de papier: l’atelier du papier peint, 1798-1805 by Christine Velut. It features over 250 pages of wallpaper samples which have been held by the Bibliothèque nationale de France since the turn of the 19th century when manufacturers were invited to deposit them under 1793 revolutionary legislation to protect their intellectual property from counterfeit. Continue reading

Contemporary artists’ books in the UL: the Diane française “Musée de Poche” donation

Following an event and book display organised by Jean Khalfa at Trinity College Wren Library on 15 October 2018, Cambridge University Library recently received a donation of about 40 artists’ books published in Nice by La Diane française between 2004 and 2018.

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Preaching what we practise

In late 2017, our department started to produce termly newsletters about our acquisitions work, and the latest newsletter – for Michaelmas 2018, also covering the summer and Christmas breaks – has just been put online.  The idea for the newsletter came from discussions with faculty librarians.  What we in Collections and Academic Liaison (CAL) do in terms of selecting and acquiring books was not always well understood, and our faculty colleagues agreed that a regular newsletter which shed light on the kinds of things we buy would be welcome.  While the newsletter is written primarily for a library audience, readers are also welcome to look at it.  All four newsletters produced so far are now publicly available on CAL’s public webpage. Continue reading

Ukrainian bookplates : the January 2019 Slavonic item of the month

Among recent Ukrainian arrivals was a fine three-volume catalogue of bookplates in the V. Stefanyk National Academic Library of L’viv.  Over 12,000 ex-libris from the 20th and 21st centuries were presented to the Stefanyk library by the politician and academic Stepan Davymuk in 2014, and it is the Davymuk collection which is listed so carefully in this set.  Many book owners and ex-libris designers who feature in the catalogue are Ukrainian, but the collection also goes well beyond the country’s borders.

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Love for three oranges : the November 2018 Slavonic items of the month

The University Library recently received several dozen books from the library of the late Russian drama critic and Cambridge graduate Edward (Ted) Braun.  Professor Braun studied in particular the work of Vsevolod Meierkhol’d, commonly anglicised as Meyerhold.  Meierkhol’d published an influential journal of literary and critical texts called Liubov’ k trem apel’sinam (Love for three oranges) over the course of 1914 to 1916.  The UL had only one volume, so we were delighted to be offered all those collected by Professor Braun.  We now hold all but the first issue.

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