Celebrating International Hanseatic Day

The Latvian city of Riga is hosting the 41st International Hanseatic Day this week and this gives us reason to take a closer look at the Hanseatic League and to highlight some of the many Hanseatic towns, while focusing attention, as ever, on relevant resources in the UL. All the places featured in this blog post are also UNESCO World Heritage sites, so there is a neat link with last month’s blog post.

Riga (picture by David Holt, via Wikimedia Commons)

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Some ebooks on colonialism and racism in Scandinavia

Among the worldwide reactions to the killing of George Floyd, protests have taken place across Scandinavia. Much of the local media coverage of these events assumed a display of solidarity with the United States and perpetuated the misconception that racism was something belonging to other countries. However, the participants were also highlighting current problems of systemic racism in their own countries along with the need to face up to their colonial past. Continue reading

Scandinavian acquisitions at the University Library

While publications from and about Scandinavia are not a major area for the UL they nevertheless form a significant part of our collections. Over the years the library has been able to acquire books in Scandinavian languages on the arts, humanities and social sciences relating to the Scandinavian countries and it continues to do so. To illustrate the range of topics covered we are featuring in this post some of our most recent Scandinavian acquisitions. Continue reading

Royal tombs, wall paper and neo-nazism

In the 1970s and 1980s books in the Scandinavian languages were strongly represented in the collections of the University Library, but since the University discontinued the teaching of these languages there has been less justification for acquiring material on the previous scale, with the notable exception of works to support teaching and research in the Department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic. The volume of material acquired by the Library in the 21st century has been relatively small.  Nevertheless our users do show a marked interest in Scandinavian titles, and in recent years there has been a noticeable increase in the number of recommendations covering archaeology, the fine arts, history and politics.

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European literature in English translation : recent prizewinners

A recent blog post on Brazilian authors at the Paris book fair contrasted the numerous works of contemporary Brazilian literature in French with the far smaller number of titles which have appeared in English. It should be recognised, however, that the Society of Authors, with support from the Arts Council and a number of other funding bodies, administers prizes for published translations into English from Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Spanish and Swedish. Not all prizes are awarded annually, however, which accounts for the different years in the list of awards which follows. It is standard procedure in our catalogue entries to give an access point for all literary translators as well as authors, as well as to provide the title of the original work wherever possible.


Items collected at the UL

Vondel prize for Dutch translation

Winner in 2013: David Colmer for his translation of The misfortunates by Dimitri Verhulst (Portobello). 2012.8.1300

Original: De helaasheid der dingen. [On order]

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