Japanese history, arts and literature: cultural encounters in Cambridge University Library’s Francophone collections

Cambridge University Library is holding until the end of May Samurai, History & Legend, a fascinating and beautiful exhibition of Japanese manuscripts and (illustrated) printed texts and images. Cambridge UL holds one of the most important historic Japanese book collections in the UK. Although Japan is not at the core of the University Library French language collections, and we are constrained by budget limitations, over the years we have collected many Francophone publications on different aspects of Japanese history and culture. Here is a glimpse of some of the titles we have acquired.

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Preaching what we practise

In late 2017, our department started to produce termly newsletters about our acquisitions work, and the latest newsletter – for Michaelmas 2018, also covering the summer and Christmas breaks – has just been put online.  The idea for the newsletter came from discussions with faculty librarians.  What we in Collections and Academic Liaison (CAL) do in terms of selecting and acquiring books was not always well understood, and our faculty colleagues agreed that a regular newsletter which shed light on the kinds of things we buy would be welcome.  While the newsletter is written primarily for a library audience, readers are also welcome to look at it.  All four newsletters produced so far are now publicly available on CAL’s public webpage. Continue reading