Some lockdown-era donations

Our department, Collections and Academic Liaison, works on the lion’s share of donations of books made to the University Library.  Since our numbers in the library building have had to be kept very low since mid-March last year, our focus in the office has chiefly been on cataloguing new bought books, but this post mentions a few donations that we have been able to process recently. Continue reading

The picture bible of Ludwig Denig

Immediately after the American War of Independence, Ludwig Denig (1755-1830), a shoemaker living in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, created a unique fraktur manuscript book, his picture bible. This is illustrated with 60 full-page watercolour paintings of Biblical scenes and allegories, the latter depicted in an emblematic style using everyday objects and scenes to teach spiritual values. Continue reading

The Sorbs: a Slavic minority in Germany

Image taken from Wikimedia Commons

Image taken from Wikimedia Commons

Over the Easter weekend many of us will embrace traditional British Easter customs such as eating hot cross buns on Good Friday and simnel cake on Easter Sunday, in addition to the less traditional custom of buying and eating chocolate eggs. Thinking about Easter traditions reminds me of the very different Easter customs of the Sorbs which I had the opportunity to see first-hand in East Germany during the 1980s: Continue reading