A tool to find useful internet resources in and about European languages

­­­­­As a way to help readers navigate the sea of internet resources available for the study of subjects related to European languages, our department manages a Delicious account. Delicious is an online bookmarking service that allows everyone to browse what at first view is a list of links (277 at the moment) to useful resources.


Click on the image to enlarge.

When visiting it (click here) you will notice though, that you can select a series of options that can help narrow the list to your area of interest (Tags, tags bundles, date, extra filters; see screenshot on the right). A good way to begin is by clicking on “tags”, so you can see all the categories we have used to classify each resource, from the language they deal with (Russian, Portuguese, Dutch, etc.) to the sort of content they have or type of resources they are (bibliographies, ejournals, archives, manuscripts, digital libraries, etc.) and to the subject they deal with (literature, social sciences, history, etc.). Continue reading