The OstDok repository : the August 2020 Slavonic item of the month

The importance of open access (OA) publishing has been made clearer than ever during recent and ongoing physical library closures.  For some years now, the OstDok repository has provided students and scholars working on Eastern Europe with vast amounts of OA material.  OstDok is a collaborative product, with the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek and the Herder-Institut in Marburg among the main partners.  I have had the pleasure of hearing my colleague Dr Gudrun Wirtz at the Staatsbibliothek discuss OstDok at conferences and seminars in the past, but my appreciation of the work she and others have put into the resource has never been greater.

The OstDok “about us” page is available in German here.  It explains that readers can access 52,000 texts about the politics, history, and culture of Eastern Europe, Central Europe, and South-Eastern Europe.  Other pages are available in English.  Here is the basic search page, the advanced search page, and the classification page.  The last is particularly useful if you are not quite sure what to search for specifically.  A screenshot of the classification page is provided here (click to enlarge).

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The Word in 80 languages : the December 2018 Slavonic (and much more) item of the month

In the year 2000, the Institute for Bible Translation produced a rather remarkable volume containing the nativity narrative of Luke’s Gospel (2:1-20) translated into 80 languages of the post-Soviet Commonwealth of Independent States.

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