New arrivals about the Russo-Ukrainian war : the March 2023 Slavonic items of the month

Among a good number of new Ukrainian books that arrived in March are of course many about the Russian war against Ukraine taking place since 2014 which then intensified appallingly with the full-scale invasion launched in February 2022. Continue reading

English books from Ukrainian publisher Osnovy

This week, a few books arrived that had been recommended by a Ukrainian postgraduate.  She made a blanket recommendation for books published by Kyiv-based Osnovy Publishing, who describe their interest as being “visually engaging publications with contemporary, design-forward books on photography, art and culture” and their specialism as “art and books about architecture and cultural phenomena” (from this page).

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Waiting for Swan Lake : the war against Ukraine and awaiting the end of Putin

“Every day we wake up and hope that they will be showing Swan Lake on TV.”

The ICC arrest warrant issued yesterday for Vladimir Putin and Maria Lvova-Belova, the Russian children’s rights commissioner, for the illegal deportation of Ukrainian children may make some Russians tentatively more hopeful that Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake will appear on their screens at some point.  While the UK is alerted to serious news by non-stop all-main-channels coverage complete with news alert banners and presenters in sombre dress, Russia has traditionally been alerted to significant changes by the replacement of ordinary programmes by ballet. Continue reading

Marking the 24 February anniversary in Cambridge libraries

In preparation for today, the anniversary of Putin’s terrible full-scale invasion of Ukraine, librarians around Collegiate Cambridge have been promoting material about Ukraine.  This post looks at some examples.

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