Simon Armitage on Ukraine : a new acquisition

This week, our blog post about Ukraine and library collections comes from Liam Sims of the Rare Books and Early Manuscripts Department of the University Library.  RBEM occasionally buy modern material such as private press publications, and they recently bought the Solmentes Press book Resistance by poet Simon Armitage.  Read Liam’s post here: 

Ukrainian Cassandras, witnesses, and killjoys

The title of this blog post is taken from Dr Sasha Dovzhyk’s tweet about her lecture (‘Ukrainian Cassandras’) given this week as part of the important series of talks called ‘Rethinking Slavonic Studies’ arranged by the University’s Slavonic Studies Section and CamCREES.

One of Dr Dovzhyk’s slides; to the right is a bust of the national poet Taras Shevchenko, now with a Russian bullet through his forehead

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Liberation and Ukraine : a talk and exhibition (17 and 18 November)

The Liberation Literature Lecture, which has traditionally focused on France, will this focus on Ukraine.  This post provides details about the talk and an accompanying exhibition which we warmly invite local Ukrainians to co-curate with us.

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The war on Russian writers against the war on Ukraine

A blurry Leonid Parfenov at an event in London in 2011

Next week will see the launch of collaborative work to bring some of the UL’s Ukrainian material together into a pop-up exhibition.  This week, we will focus briefly again on the effect Russia’s war on Ukraine is having on its own country, this time through the prism of the leaked list of authors that the Moscow Dom Knigi bookshop network have apparently banned their staff from putting on display (a full ban is thankfully not in place); an article in Russian about this can be found here.  The ban largely relates to the authors’ appearance on the list of ‘foreign agents’ (inoagenty) this blog has mentioned before, which ultimately boils down to their stance against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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Writings from Ukraine Lab : the September 2022 Slavonic items of the month

Today, the day when Putin added to his illegal annexation of Crimea in 2014 the illegal annexation of four more Ukrainian regions (not fully even under temporary Russian control) following further referenda not worth the paper they were falsified on, our weekly Ukrainian blog post promotes new writing about Russia’s war against Ukraine made possible by the Ukraine Lab initiative, led by the Ukrainian Institute in London.

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