Cataloguing in 20/21

This post is a celebration of the extraordinary cataloguing work of the Collections and Academic Liaison department over such a difficult year.  More than 21,000 individual new records for printed books and ebooks have entered the catalogue through our efforts, not including records added for the titles contained in ebook packages (these are added en masse through a cataloguing process called bulk import). Continue reading

Ukrainian ebooks about the 2001 census : the Slavonic June 2021 items of the month

This week, we have purchased 30 ebooks of statistics and analysis about the 2001 Ukrainian census which provide an important snapshot of Ukraine within its first post-Soviet decade.  29 of the the 30 are in Ukrainian and represent our first ebooks in that language (there remain few Ukrainian ebook options for institutions in general), and 12 of the 30 focus on data for Crimea specifically.

From the introductory volume.

The sole English title provides an introduction to the census.  First all-national population census: historical, methodological, social, economic, ethnic aspects gives a summary of previous censuses involving Ukrainian lands, from the first universal census of the Russian Empire in 1897 to the last Soviet census in 1989.  It also provides a useful, quite detailed description of how the December 2001 census was prepared for and carried out, followed by a summary of findings.  The book then ends with a section about projected changes over the course of 2005-2015.  This section discusses the social and economic problems facing the country and its regions (low birth rates, for example, and employment and life expectancy inequalities) and plans for addressing these.

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