Cambridge University Library’s trial of RetroNews (French historical newspapers database)

Cambridge University Libraries just started a one-month trial of RetroNews, a database from the Bibliothèque nationale de France, which provides access to about 2000 (primarily French) newspaper titles published between 1631 and 1950. Part of its content is available only by subscription, in contrast to the BnF’s freely accessible material on its digital library Gallica (only 150 of the 2000 RetroNews titles are also available on Gallica).

Retronews "A la une"

The subscription to RetroNews offers advanced access to the digitised periodicals and advanced search functions, in particular the option to download results in pdf or text format. It should also be possible to extract search results in csv or xls format; and to request the extraction of text and metadata of a specific search. RetroNews provides access to 4000 items of new editorial content produced by academics and journalists, including articles, interviews, videos, and podcasts / readings of the newspaper pieces by professional actors. Continue reading

‘Soviet woman’ digital archive on trial access : the January 2021 Slavonic item of the month

The 10/1973 front cover, showing a teacher from Yakutia.

As the Electronic Collection Management team announced in this blog post, Cambridge readers with Raven accounts now have trial access to the East View digital archive of Soviet woman.

The first issue came out in late 1945.  Its introduction discussed the purpose and place of this new bi-monthly title, saying “Soviet Woman is a new illustrated literary, art, and socio-political magazine whose purpose is to deal comprehensively with the work of Soviet women in industry and their part in social, political and cultural activities.  Our magazine will study and summarize in the light of peacetime problems the experience gained by women during the war”. Continue reading

Extra Russian eresources available into September

Good news – access to these three resources has generously been extended by East View for Cambridge staff and students until 30 September 2020.

East View have opened up access to their Rossiĭskaia gazeta Digital Archive, Novaia gazeta Digital Archive, and Essential Russian Classics e-book collection to Cambridge staff and students until the 31st of July.

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ebooks po-russki : the April (to 1 June) 2020 Slavonic items of the month

Not an ebook (explanation at end of the post)

Russian ebooks are a novelty for Cambridge, and it is fantastic that our University staff and students can now try out three ebook platforms supplied through the vendor MIPP until 1 June.  This blog post gives an overview of the databases.  Do please give feedback about any/all of them.


This platform contains over 70,000 arts, humanities, and social sciences ebooks, plus journals, audiobooks, reference works and digital maps.  A general search box is available at the top, with an advanced search option below it on the right; note that searches do not seem to include ebook contents but rather their title and author information only.  A list of subjects is provided on the left; each subject can be expanded to show subdivisions.  When you click on a specific subdivision, you can see sample books and then, beneath them, a list of the books in that subdivision. Continue reading