A Ukrainian almanac for 75 years ago : the January 2023 UL Slavonic item of the month

The book’s cover

As the first month of the new year draws to a close, it felt appropriate to look at Ukrainian kalendar’ al’manakh for 1948, 75 years ago.

On its title page, it describes 1948 as a jubilee year, and refers back to the three years of 1648, 1848, and 1918.  1648 saw the start of the Cossack uprising against the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth which would eventually lead to the creation of the Cossack Hetmanate state.  Two centuries later, Galician Ukraine was in the Austrian Empire, and 1848 saw the creation of the Holovna Rus’ka Rada (Supreme Ruthenian Council) in L’viv, which determined the blue-yellow flag Ukraine uses to this day and oversaw the publication of the first Ukrainian-language newspaper, Zoria Halytska (Galician Star, or Galician Dawn).  1918 saw immense changes in Ukraine, starting with the 22 January declaration of the independent state of Ukraine. Continue reading

CUL Liberation Ukraine lecture exhibition

In November 2022, the annual Cambridge University Libraries Liberation Literature Lecture focused on Ukraine and was accompanied by a small exhibition of Ukrainian material from the UL, selected in part by local Ukrainians.  The recording of Cambridge’s Dr Rory Finnin’s brilliant talk is now available on the UL YouTube channel, with Ukrainian subtitles, here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5mwHgQjfkwI.  This blog post provides the captions (in Ukrainian and English) for the accompanying pop-up display. Continue reading

Older Ukrainian material via the HathiTrust

Cambridge has standard, unlocked access to books out of copyright held in the HathiTrust digitised book collection.  Covid-era Cambridge readers may remember that we had full access to the whole collection for some months, when physical restrictions made our print copies almost inaccessible, but even the limited HathiTrust access we have in more normal times is a great bonus for those reading older material.

Screenshot of the first results of my search

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The newest Ukrainian books to arrive

We placed a large order for Ukrainian books just before Christmas and look forward to their arrival before long.  In the meantime, today’s short blog post shares a few of the books that came in our last big Ukrainian shipment.  They are an interesting but quite mixed bag, both in terms of their subjects and their styles; readers might remember that we are buying as much Ukrainian material from our suppliers as possible, including some popular books alongside academic ones.

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