English books from Ukrainian publisher Osnovy

This week, a few books arrived that had been recommended by a Ukrainian postgraduate.  She made a blanket recommendation for books published by Kyiv-based Osnovy Publishing, who describe their interest as being “visually engaging publications with contemporary, design-forward books on photography, art and culture” and their specialism as “art and books about architecture and cultural phenomena” (from this page).

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New Ukrainian art books : the February Slavonic items of the month

This brief post looks at a couple of welcome donations of books about Ukrainian art.

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Untangling a record for a Ukrainian book

It crossed my mind today to look up in our staff cataloguing system books published in Ukraine and coded as being in Russian, to see whether any of them had been incorrectly coded.  The fifth result was exactly that – a Ukrainian title mangled in transliteration performed in keeping with the rules for Russian:

  • Мистецтво стародавнього Києва [by]  Ю.С. Асєєв –>
  • Mystet︠s︡tvo starodavnʹoho Kyi︠e︡va [by]  I︠U︡.S. Asi︠e︡i︠e︡v (correct)
  • Mistet︡s︠tvo starodavnʹogo Kieva [by] I︠U︡.S. Aseev (very incorrect)

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Mariia Prymachenko : a Ukrainian artist for peace

A Dove Has Spread Her Wings and Asks for Peace

Among the many awful news headlines this week was the damage done to the Ivankiv Museum, whose site (in Ukrainian) still lists its exhibition of works by the 20th-century artist Marii︠a︡ Prymachenko as its proudest achievement.  The paintings of Prymachenko, a self-trained artist in the naïve style, floored even Pablo Picasso. Continue reading