MMLL Faculty Library’s oldest Ukrainian book

This week, I thought it would be nice to look outside the main University Library for Ukrainian printed books, and the Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics Faculty Library was the obvious first place to look at.

The title page of the book, with a photograph of its late author.

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CUL Liberation Ukraine lecture exhibition

In November 2022, the annual Cambridge University Libraries Liberation Literature Lecture focused on Ukraine and was accompanied by a small exhibition of Ukrainian material from the UL, selected in part by local Ukrainians.  The recording of Cambridge’s Dr Rory Finnin’s brilliant talk is now available on the UL YouTube channel, with Ukrainian subtitles, here:  This blog post provides the captions (in Ukrainian and English) for the accompanying pop-up display. Continue reading

The newest Ukrainian books to arrive

We placed a large order for Ukrainian books just before Christmas and look forward to their arrival before long.  In the meantime, today’s short blog post shares a few of the books that came in our last big Ukrainian shipment.  They are an interesting but quite mixed bag, both in terms of their subjects and their styles; readers might remember that we are buying as much Ukrainian material from our suppliers as possible, including some popular books alongside academic ones.

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Ukrainian Cassandras, witnesses, and killjoys

The title of this blog post is taken from Dr Sasha Dovzhyk’s tweet about her lecture (‘Ukrainian Cassandras’) given this week as part of the important series of talks called ‘Rethinking Slavonic Studies’ arranged by the University’s Slavonic Studies Section and CamCREES.

One of Dr Dovzhyk’s slides; to the right is a bust of the national poet Taras Shevchenko, now with a Russian bullet through his forehead

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Liberation and Ukraine : a talk and exhibition (17 and 18 November)

The Liberation Literature Lecture, which has traditionally focused on France, will this focus on Ukraine.  This post provides details about the talk and an accompanying exhibition which we warmly invite local Ukrainians to co-curate with us.

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