Comments from visitors to the Liberation Collection exhibition

We have previously written about the exhibition currently on display in the University Library’s Exhibition Centre. The exhibition has now been open for over two months, and visitor reactions have been very positive. In this post, we will highlight just a few of the comments that have been left.

A beautiful presentation of the energy and dedication shown by authors, designers, illustrators, printers … determined to record all aspects of the liberation.

What a fantastic treasure of material reflecting a period which must not be forgotten – it is good that the collection in this exhibition is here for future generations to consult and more important to ponder. My favourite exhibits were the cartoons – the “avant” and “après” and the puissant croix carried up the hill with its crucifixion connotation.

It was a beautiful exhibition. Especially enjoyed the interactive book experience. Would love to come back some day.

Thanks to those who have put this show together. It’s a wonderfully rich resource.

Heel mooi in beeld gebracht.

Beeindruckend und beschämend.

Worth a trip to Cambridge. Wonderful exhibition. Thanks.

Down from Harrogate for the weekend. Specifically wanted to see this exhibition. Was not disappointed.

A most remarkable exhibition. What an achievement to put it together.

We must never forget the absolute necessity of struggle, in thought, in word and in deed against the tyranny of evil and hate; now, more than ever.

Superbe exposition de livres, photos, texte, lithographes, images, célébrant l’héroïsme de la Résistance! Le courage et l’horreur retrouvé.

Merci beaucoup, grâce à votre exposition, j’ai pu montrer à mes enfants un peu d’histoire de France.

Very interesting and well-presented exhibition. Thanks for all the effort that must have gone into putting it together!

A wonderful illumination of the price of freedom in a world full of slogans and misinformation.

Shocking that women were punished for crime of being collaborators in such a way. Men’s shame. Surely everyone who collaborated were responsible for the outcome.

An important exhibition in the context of increased political extremism and intolerance in Europe, following the EU elections. Let’s hope we do not document another “Liberation”.

A very interesting exhibition! I’m a historian from Russia. I’ve written several articles about Russians in the ranks of the Resistance. It was lovely to see the book by Anna Marly, about whom I’ve written, and Maurice Druon, whose acquaintance I have had the pleasure of making. Thank you!

Great exhibition- references to the Fallen heroes and the reburial of Brossolette in the Panthéon (2014) make for a poignant comparison with the sadly divided memory of the Italian Resistance.

Excellent presentation, very informative, should be more widely seen.

Has to go to France, endless venues would want to host.

Wonderful exhibition—fascinating and important.

The exhibition remains open until Oct. 11, 2014. The online exhibition is at

(The comments reflect the opinions of individual visitors to the exhibition, and not those of the University Library)

David Lowe

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