Borrow Spanish language e-books from the Digitalia platform

A screenshot of the platform.

A screenshot of the platform.

Cambridge University Library has renewed its subscription to DIGITALIA Hispánica for the second year running. DIGITALIA is an aggregator of Spanish-language e-books from Spain, the Caribbean and Latin America. The platform provides access to over 10,700 ebooks and 2,550 ejournal issues, many of them unique to Digitalia. It offers access across multiple file formats, including PDF, HTML Flash, and HTML. See our previous blog post with instructions on access here.

This year, a new feature will allow users to download ebooks using Adobe DRM. To activate this feature, you will need to create a personal account with DIGITALIA. You may do so by clicking on the Your Account tab in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Further instructions are available from the Help Center tab.

If you are downloading a book onto a Windows based device, like a PC or laptop, you will need to install Adobe Digital Editions on your computer or device. The software is freely available online.

For offline reading on mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads and Android phones and tablets, you will need an additional free plug-in from Bluefire. Digitalia recommends Bluefire Reader.

For further instructions on how to check-out books and download Adobe Digital Editions or Bluefire, click here. Alternatively, click on Digitalia’s Help Center tab, and then click on Download full documents.

You can download up to 5 documents at a time. Once that limit has been reached, you will get an error message. The loan period for each book is 21 days and there is no limit on the number of people who can check-out a book at the same time.

To return a book, right click on the book that is checked out within Adobe Digital Editions or Bluefire. You will see an option that says “Return element on loan“. If you have more than one book on loan, you may get this second message: “This book was taken on loan together with other elements, are you sure you want to return all of them?” You may then identify which book or books you are returning and submit.

Registered members of the University of Cambridge can access Digitalia ebooks both on and off-campus (with a Raven username and password).

For any comments or feedback on the resource, do feel free to email Sonia Morcillo, the Hispanic Specialist at the University Library, at Feedback may help us determine whether we will maintain our subscription in the future.

Sonia Morcillo

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