Holodomor Memorial Day : the November 2022 Slavonic items of the month

The fourth Saturday of November is Holodomor Memorial Day, which marks the loss of millions of Ukrainians in the man-made famine of 1932/33.  Today, of course, the day of remembrance occurs during another man-made horror in Ukraine, as Russia’s war continues to take a terrible toll on Ukraine and Ukrainians.

We marked the 80th anniversary of the Holodomor in 2013 with a blog post about one particular book (here) and wrote again about the Holodomor in 2019, when the libraries put on a pop-up exhibition to tie in with a Cambridge Ukrainian Studies screening of the film ‘Mr Jones’ about the Welsh journalist whose unflinching reports of the horrors he saw were too easily ignored (blog post here).

A table with various books and leaflets displayed on it that relate to the Holodomor.

The 2019 display

Below are some of the most recent books in the Cambridge library catalogue about the Holodomor held in the University Library or in the MMLL Faculty Library.  Many contain vital witness accounts of the terrible famine.

The Holodomor continues to be a major topic that we collect in, in Ukrainian and English as well as in other languages.  Recommendations for any titles interested readers can’t find in the catalogue are as ever very much welcomed.

Mel Bach (slavonic@lib.cam.ac.uk)

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