Ukrainian donations from New York : the November 2020 Slavonic items of the month

The English alphabet shown with the letters’ pronunciation in Ukrainian Cyrillic (from the penultimate book listed below).

This summer, I received five boxes of donations from the Shevchenko Scientific Society in the United States.  The Society had offered duplicates to libraries around the world, and we were fortunate enough to receive a few hundred with the help of the Cambridge Ukrainian Studies programme which paid for delivery.  While we have avoided having library material delivered to our homes, these boxes did come to my house with the agreement of the Society and the CUS programme lead, because timing was of the essence and the University Library building was at that point not fully open for deliveries.

The Ukrainian translation of “I chose freedom”.

These boxes have stayed unopened in my hall until now, having had to take their place in a queue predominated by ebooks and decolonisation-related work.  At last the first box has been opened!  Its contents complement two earlier donations – books from the libraries of the late British Ukrainians Peter Yakimiuk and Teodor Kolassa – providing Cambridge readers with further interesting material published by the Ukrainian diaspora.  Here are a few of the books catalogued so far, with links to iDiscover.

It is very enjoyable to start opening up the boxes and seeing what we have received, and we are very grateful to our colleagues in New York and Cambridge for enabling the donation.  A search in iDiscover for the Society and the word “donor” will bring up all books as they are added to the catalogue.  The titles above and the remaining books in the donation will eventually go to Cambridge’s Library Storage Facility.

Mel Bach

1 thought on “Ukrainian donations from New York : the November 2020 Slavonic items of the month

  1. It’s heartwarming to see the blog post. I clicked on the link to the bibliographic record and chuckled when I saw the cover photo of Ivan Kernytskyi’s volume “Циганськими дорогами.” That copy is from the library of my great uncle Antin Malanchuk, who lived with our family. He was my “surrogate grandfather.” He emigrated to the US in the early part of the last century. I recognized the label “636” –numbers cut from old wall calendars for the purpose of keeping track of his books. I remember my father trying to keep up with his ever-growing library by building new shelves in our tiny house in New Haven, Connecticut. Growing up surrounded by his books it isn’t a mystery why both my sister and I chose library careers – she at Yale University and I at the Library of Congress. I remember when just before his death in 1963 he donated his entire collection to the Shevchenko Scientific Society in New York. I’m certain he would be happy to know that I presently chair the Archives and Library Committee of the Society.

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