Newly catalogued Ukrainian books : the May 2022 Slavonic items of the month

In my previous post, I made reference to the quite amazing news that we are expecting new book arrivals from Ukraine in the near future.  This brief post draws the attention of our Ukrainian-reading followers to some of the last books we had received from our supplier.

The last book in the list, a collection of essays whose title translates as ‘The zoo of the revolution : West Ukrainian statehood in 1918-1923 and theories of coincidences between the 20th and start of the 21st centuries’, is by an academic at the Vasylʹ Stepanyk Pricarpathian National University in Ivano-Frankivsʹk.  Some readers might be aware of major work that has been under way to capture and archive Ukrainian online resources through initiatives such as  These collaborative efforts are trying to ensure that Ukrainian online scholarship and heritage metadata are as safe from Russian attacks as possible.  With that kind of initiative in mind, I found it interesting that the publications section of Professor Monolatiĭ’s Wikipedia page is peppered with links to archived copies of online articles held in the Wayback Machine.  The archive dates are chiefly from 2020 but some are as recent as this year.  Web archiving is a useful, sometimes vital (if sometimes controversial) route to take, and it would be interesting to see if such a standard approach might in due course become normal practice in Wikipedia.

For those interested in following the Sucho project’s progress, here is the page on which they list the sites/collections that have been fully archived so far:

Mel Bach

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